Crane Removals

Woodland Tree Care is able to perform all sizes of removals. We use advanced climbing and rigging techniques as well as bucket trucks to safely and efficiently remove trees when necessary. We follow the ANSI Z133 safety standards when performing removals. Our primary concern is the safety of your property and our crew. Woodland Tree Care also provides Crane removals for those difficult scenarios. On most occasions, cranes can provide zero impact removals. We also have our own knuckleboom crane to load those big logs.

Here at Woodland Tree Care, we pride ourselves on being central Kentucky’s best crane-assisted tree removal company. Our team of experts has removed many hazardous hard to get to trees that were turned down and deemed by other companies as impossible. There are times when you can remove trees without a crane but our clients value their lawn and landscape to the highest degree so disturbance has to be kept at a minimum, making cranes the cleanest means possible.

The use of a crane also improves job safety, efficiency, less fatigue for our team and not to mention this is a very controlled and clean method of removing large trees. So the next time you’re needing a tree removed call our team of experts, they love what they do and it shows with every job.




Proper pruning is important in developing trees to form strong structure, and attractive shape in an urban environment. Removing weak, damaged or diseased limbs promotes health and improves safety, while improving the overall ascetics of the tree.

Woodland Tree Care adheres to the ANSI A300 pruning standards. A Certified Arborist is on site to maintain the accepted industry practices for tree care operations.

Woodland Tree Care does not top trees. Topping is harmful to your tree in a number of ways, and causes more problems than trying to solve. Increased foliage density, decay, weakly attached limbs, stress, hazardous conditions, and shortened life expectancy.



Storm Damage

Woodland Tree Care quickly responds to emergency Storm damage to your property. Over the years, we have performed hundreds of removals and emergency prunes for customers in need.

Whether climbing, bucket truck, or large crane storm removals, we have encountered most scenarios to cover your emergency.

Please call our mobile line at 502.803.0879 for service.



Stump Grinding

Having a tree removed or old stumps in the yard, we can remove any size stump.

The hole will be backfilled with the shavings and soil from the grinding process.

We also remove excess stump mulch to ground level. For an additional charge, top soil can be installed, seeded and straw laid.



Cabling and Bracing

Trees that may have structural defects (included bark crotches, weak unions) can be supported with the installation of a cable system and/or bracing rods.

The tree may also need structural pruning in conjunction with the cable system to help lengthen the longevity of the tree.



Tree Installation

We install high quality trees that have been personally selected from local nurseries. While paying close attention to proper branching structure for strength, and species for site selection (the right tree, for the right site). This helps insure a stronger, healthier, tree as it matures in your landscape. Close attention is paid to soil and hole conditioning, to give the tree a healthy start. We have literally planted hundreds of trees over the past several years. When having a tree removed, in most cases we can replace it as a complete package.



Lightning Protection Systems

 For those highly valued mature and prized trees that may exist in your landscape, a lightning protection system may be a good investment.

Every year we remove trees that have been struck and literally blown apart by lightning.

LPS systems protect your tree by installing the aerials in the crown of the tree, connecting to the copper line which runs down the trunk of the tree with special attachments.

Then the line is buried to the drip line of the tree and connected to the grounding rod.



Plant Health Care

Preventive health care for your trees can be a valuable investment in your landscape. Healthy trees have fewer problems. Anywhere from fertilization, to pest and disease control, call us to consult and work personally with you.

With the Emerald Ash Bore having made its way into our area, the Ash tree population is under severe risk. We can provide treatments to protect the Ash trees in your landscape and prevent a valuable loss. Other services that a Certified Arborist on staff can be consulted with are:

Construction Planning – protecting your trees during the building process.
Risk Assessment – Identifying those hazardous conditions that may exist in your landscape.
Selective Clearing – Areas overgrown with scrub brush and trees can be selectively thinned to promote the growth of the more desirable specimens.

We can take an area and turn it into a park-like setting for your property.