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About Us

For 17 years, we've been providing professional tree care for the Frankfort, Georgetown, and Lexington areas.  Being an ISA Certified Arborist for 16 years, we are able to provide a very experienced and professional service for your tree care needs.  Whether your trees need pruning, removal, cabling, or other specialized services, we are able to fullfill your request.


Let our Certified Arborist and seasoned professionals bring their knowledge, experience, and skills to your tree care that will optimize the beauty and value of your property.  Our equipment is late model and clean, and crews professional and courteous.  


With your property in our hands, you can be assured the latest, safest and most efficient techniques will be employed.  We pride ourselves on following the ANSI Z133 safety standards for our industry.


You should only trust experts to care for the trees that increase the value of your property, complements its surroundings, and has a positive effect on the environment.  We would rather try and preserve mature trees and offer solutions, than just do a “quick decision” on a removal.  Many times trees get removed when other solutions may provide a better answer to your particular situation.  
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